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Marie-Isabelle Poirier-Troyano,
the artistic fiber

Marie-Isabelle Poirier-Troyano (Antequera, 1970), studied applied arts at l' École Boulle (1988) and, later, at Les Gobelins, Paris. (1993). Parallel to her practice as an artist, she trained as an interior designer and worked with the Alberto Pinto Agency in the restoration of the famous Hôtel Lambert in Paris. She also created designs for Pierre Frey and Manuel Cánovas in 2016, publishers of fabrics for furniture and decorative arts. From 2017 to 2021 she worked as an interior designer at the company Gastón y Daniela in Marbella. Her professional experience for 30 years has been nourished by the ancient knowledge of artisans and hand looms: Lesage Paris, Linge au Coeur, Tassinari, Prelle or Braquenié.


Fascinated by Asia and, in particular, by Japan and China, Poirier-Troyano was lucky enough to meet an American artist in Portugal, Joan Morris, with whom she completed a master's degree in 2014 and specialized in the shibori technique, also known as Tie and Dye, which she has developed and customized for years. Engraving has been another of her passions, holding workshops and courses in various cities such as Paris, Barcelona or Marbella and naturally incorporating it into her artistic practice.

Her artistic references are multiple and varied: authors from the Bauhaus and the Paris School of the sixties (Marc Tobey, Elena Vieira da Silva) stand out; Chinese artists established in France who reinforced her interest in Asian painting such as Chu Teh-Chun or Zao Wu-Ki; but also references from her youth such as Georges Braque, Picasso, Fernand Léger and above all, Sonia Delaunay who created patterns for fabrics, painted her architectural motifs and designed rugs, tapestries, scarves and tablecloths. A type of practice as versatile and heterogeneous as her own, capable of integrating textiles, drawing, furniture design and even jewelry.

Poirier-Troyano has given shibori conferences at various institutions (La Térmica, Málaga; the Consulate of Japan, Palacio Duques de Pastrana, Madrid or the Matadero Design Center, Madrid; L'archipel, Atelier de Paris) and exhibited his work nationally and internationally: Errances (2021) Miraflores Cultural Center in Marbella; Escapism (2021) Collective curated by Nando Nagueles; Flamenco Fashion Textile creations for F de Frank. SIMOF Seville (2020); Mikado Tribute 100 years Bauhaus at Magyk Concept Marbella (2019); Entre-deux (2016) San Pedro Alcantara Cultural Center, Marbella; Engravings Esmeril (2014) – Collective in the Cortijo de Miraflores – Marbella; Le blanc Engravings – Collective Graver maintenant (2013) – Rueil Malmaison France. Among his awards are the “Maria Teresa Toral National Prize for Contemporary Engraving” (2019), the 2nd Prize for Sculpture and Jewelry – Marbella Cultural Center Collective.

She is currently collaborating with the Armel Soyer gallery and preparing her next collective exhibition on April 15, 2023 in Saint Tropez (France). ​


Nerea Ubieto

In the exhibition of the Genalguacil museum

Artistic training


Bac F12 Applied Arts - Ecole Boulle (Paris)



Higher Diploma in Graphic Arts - Les Gobelins (Paris)


1994 - 1996

Pablo Vidal Sculpture Workshop (Marbella - Malaga)

Jewelery and goldsmith casting workshop (Marbella - Malaga)


2011 - 2012

Engraving and printmaking - Atelier Manera Negra (Barcelona)


September 2014

Esmeril engraving technique - Atelier Cortijo de Miraflores (Marbella)


October 2014

Introduction to embroidery - Atelier Linge au cœur (Paris)

Masterclass in Shibori with Joan Morris



Velazco and Meller engraving workshop (Paris)

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